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Invest in Private Lending

Private Lending, Is It Right for You?

Private lending can be a viable option for both lenders and borrowers in certain circumstances, but whether it's right for you depends on various factors. Here are some considerations to help you determine if private lending aligns with your financial goals and situation:

  • Risk Tolerance: Private lending typically involves higher risks compared to traditional lending avenues like banks or credit unions. As a lender, you may face risks such as borrower default, property depreciation, or economic downturns. Assess your risk tolerance and determine if you're comfortable with the potential downsides.

  • Return on Investment: Private lending can offer attractive returns compared to other investment options, especially in today's interest-rate environment. Evaluate the potential returns offered by private lending opportunities and see if they meet your investment objectives.

  • Capital Availability: Consider how much capital you have available for private lending. Some private lending opportunities may require a significant upfront investment, while others may allow you to start with smaller amounts. Assess whether you have the necessary funds to participate in private lending activities.

  • Knowledge and Expertise: Successful private lending often requires a good understanding of the lending process and risk assessment.

  • Legal and Regulatory Considerations: Private lending in Ontario is subject to various legal and regulatory requirements, depending on your Province. Familiarize yourself with the relevant laws and regulations governing private lending in your area to ensure compliance and avoid potential legal issues.

  • Relationships and Networks: Private lending often relies on personal connections and networks to find suitable borrowers. Assess whether you have access to the necessary relationships and networks to facilitate private lending transactions effectively.

  • Exit Strategy: Consider your exit strategy from private lending investments. While some loans may have short-term durations, others could be longer-term commitments. Evaluate whether the proposed exit strategy aligns with your financial goals and timeline.

  • Diversification: As with any investment, diversification is key to managing risk. Consider diversifying your private lending portfolio across different borrowers, industries, and asset classes to mitigate potential losses.

Ultimately, whether private lending is right for you depends on your individual financial situation, risk tolerance, investment objectives, and level of expertise. It's essential to conduct thorough due diligence to mitigate risk effectively and seek professional advice if needed before engaging in private lending activities.

If private lending and diversification is of interest to you, be sure to speak to one of our approved private lending mortgage agents to get more information about being a valued partner. If for any reason you are not able or you don't posse all of the above traits, whether it be short on capital, expertise or liquidity, a mortgage investment corporation (mic) may be a good fit. It allows you to rely on a team of professionals with extensive experience in private lending. Harvest Mortgage Investment corporation(harvest) may be your solution. The minimum required is $25,000.00. A great way to enter the world of private lending while  investing in mortgaged backed real estate. With Harvest you can invest through your TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, RESP, trusts and or personal cash.  Click on the below “investor link”  our affiliated company to learn more.

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