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The ALTRA mortgage group has assisted me through some major milestones in my life.  In 2014 my spouse and I had poor credit (a lot of it) and we’re behind on our mortgage.  They helped us get that all sorted out and keep our home.  A year later they helped us get a better rate.  Two years after that, when we separated they helped me keep the home my kids were growing up in.  They coached me on how to repair my credit and prepare for my renewal.  Just this year, at renewal, they helped me move my mortgage to a prime lender for the first time.  I’m forever grateful.

W.Y. – Oshawa


I was told by my bank rep I’d only be able to buy a house for $500,000.00.  After speaking to my agent at ALTRA,  they took the time to understand my income sources and we were able to increase that amount to $600,000.00 and I closed on my forever home.  I like them because they educated me on the process and they listen.

C.G. – London


My realtor told me to call ALTRA.  I’m a paramedic, I’ve only been on the job for 14 months.  People had told me I’d need 2 years before I qualified to buy a home.  They negotiated my mortgage with the lender and CMHC, and I was able to qualify using my income.  My wife and I just had a baby in our new home.  We tell whoever will listen, that ALTRA are experts!

C.S. – Belleville


I am self employed, my taxes don’t show a lot of the income that I make.  I thought I’d never buy a house.  The team over at ALTRA asked me all the right questions, they understood my situation and by using my business banking instead of my tax returns I was able get a mortgage at a fair rate.  I love being a homeowner, they are absolute experts at mortgages!

W.D. – Toronto


I had bought a pre-build home, delayed by 5 years. In those 5 years my life had changed drastically.  I had gotten married, bought another home and thought I could just sell this pre-build to another person and take the profit.  Turns out that wasn’t allowed.  I went to my bank and explained the situation, not only did I have to wait 5 days to talk to someone, they told me I’d just have to lose the deposit?  $100,000 and I’d just have to lose it.  I was at work telling a coworker that same day, afraid to tell my wife and my co-worker suggested I talk to ALTRA.  On my dinner break at 6pm, I called, spoke to an agent that took my information right there.  They had a solution before the end of the phone call.  We used a private mortgage to close on the home.  Besides an appraisal I didn’t have to put another penny out of pocket.  They suggested a real estate agent who helped me sell the house.  I actually profited $75,000.00!  What can I say besides, thank you!

T.N. – Ajax


They showed me how to refinance my house without paying a higher rate and legal fees!  I called them on a Saturday and spoke to an agent.  I wanted to refinance my mortgage because I had incurred a $25,000.00 income tax debt, and also wanted to finish my basement.  My mortgage was coming up for renewal and my bank was offering a higher rate of interest.  I learned refinances are generally about .5% - .75% higher rate than a switch or purchase rate.  I just wanted a second opinion.  I was with a major bank and had a collateral loan product.  ALTRA showed me how I could use my existing line of credit, pay out my taxes and advance enough cash to do the basement.  Then they approved my for a switch moving my line and existing fixed rate to another lender for a rate .60% lower than my bank offered me.  To top it off, it was free!  No lawyer fee or appraiser.  I rent my basement now and save about $1500/mth because of it.  Honestly it was like witchcraft when they described it, but they did everything they said they would, and it turned out just like they said.  Love this place!

J.W. Oshawa

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